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Version: 1.4.6 updated

Platforms: iPad, Apple iPhone OS

Categories: Programming & Development

Upload date: 16 Jun 13

Developer: Two Lives Left

License: Commercial

Price: 7.99 $

Downloads: 156

Download Trial of Codea 

Rating: 2.8/5 (Total votes: 15)

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  Codea - lets you create games and simulations — or just about any visual idea you have. Turn your thoughts into interactive creations that make use of iPad features like Multi-Touch and the accelerometer.
We think Codea is the most beautiful code editor you will use, and it's easy. Codea is designed to let you touch your code. Want to change a number? Just tap and drag it. How about a color, or an image? Tapping will bring up visual editors that let you choose exactly what you want.
Codea is built on the Lua programming language. A simple, elegant language that doesn't rely too much on symbols — a perfect match for iPad.
Here's how you use it: type your code. Press play to watch it run. Interact with it. Get creative.
· A full featured vector graphics and image renderer lets you prototype what you can imagine
· Lots of fantastic example projects to learn from, including games and simulations
· Generate random retro-game sound effects to use in your creations
· Touch your code: tap numbers, colors and images to adjust them
· Complete in-line reference documentation accessible from the keyboard
· Intelligent auto-completion suggests keywords and functions
· Add parameters to your simulation or game interface so you can tweak variables at runtime
· Interact with the accelerometer and multi touch on your device
· Codea renders your code with beautiful syntax highlighting

What's New in This Release:


· Fixes sprites and text sometimes not rendering
· Fixes editor stability and speed
· Improved block-indenting speed, operation can be undone


· isKeyboardShowing() function
· Streamlined ability to paste into a new project

What's New in 1.4.4:


· Undo now works properly for all editor operations
· Use the .?123 key on the keyboard to show the standard undo button
· Brickout example now has enhanced graphics, effects and improved controls


· Codea is now built using ARC


· Fixed image.copy bug when using raw sizes on retina devices
· Fixed mesh memory bug

What's New in 1.4.3:


· You can now add dependencies to your projects
· This allows you to develop library style code
· Use this feature from the plus (+) button in the editor


· Project dependencies
· Adjustable font size in code editor
· Tap or drag in the line gutter to select lines
· Enhanced color type with blend, mix, and arithmetic operations
· listGlobal/Local/ProjectData functions added
· Fantastic new demo project


· Project name is added as a comment on the first line of Main
· Smooth project browsing - swipe to navigate through lots of projects


· Fixed bug with spriteSize results on retina devices in some circumstances
· Fixed line numbers in search results
· Fixed image.copy bug with retina images
· Fixed data store cleanup bug
· Fixed mesh bug that could cause triangles to be repositioned on re-allocation
· Documentation corrections and updates

What's New in 1.4.1:


· Search all your code from the function browser key on the keyboard


· Fixes intermittent crash when opening projects


· Fixes crash when using save/read data in global scope

What's New in 1.4:


· You can import custom sprites via Dropbox
· Or your photo library
· You can save images into your sprite packs


· Text selection: Touch and drag the new buttons above the keyboard to select and position the cursor
· In-line help: select an API term in the editor then choose "Lookup" to see specific help immediately
· Networking API: see the documentation chapter. Has special support for images.
· Project quick search: tap the new quick search icons next to the projects lists
· Keyboard Gestures: Drag directly on the keyboard to position the cursor, hold shift and drag to select text. This feature must be enabled from the settings panel.


· Tabs now turn red when they contain an error
· Updated credits page
· Improved documentation
· Improved autocomplete


· Fixed some major crashes, memory leaks and bugs

What's New in 1.3.6:


· You can now access the Codea Reference manual from the Community & Help button


· Fixes video recording on Retina display
· Fixes vec3 methods not working
· Fixes mesh.color - arguments are now in the range 0-255
· Fixes clip() on Retina display
· Consistent noSmooth() line width on Retina display

What's New in 1.3.1:


· Visual makeover for the project browser
· Codea Dark editor theme (IAP)
· Customizable background art for the project browser


· New settings panel accessible from Project Browser
· soundbuffer objects allow you to create sounds from raw data
· sound(ENCODE, table) encodes a sound table into a high-precision string
· Can be played with sound(DATA, string)
· soundBufferSize( sizeInMB ) function added to control sound caching
· User projects can be copied to clipboard from the project browser
· watch() can now accept arbitrary Lua chunks
· deviceMetrics() function will return a table of device properties
· Added inertia and mass properties to physics.body
· saveProjectInfo and readProjectInfo functions. These allow you to get and set metadata for your projects.
· For example saveProjectInfo( "Description", "My New Project Description" ) will set a description that appears under your project in the browser.


· Single letter tab names are easier to delete - editor tabs now have a minimum width of 88 pixels
· Codea now allows underscores to be used in class / tab names
· Disables the three-finger triple-tap emergency exit gesture if buttons are lready visible on the screen
· Fixed documentation for physics.body
· Fixed video recording with setContext
· Physics pause/resume fixed
· Physics body.info field fixed
· mesh.texCoords no longer flipped vertically
· The news line on the project browser resizes correctly
· Fixed a bug that occurred when pasting code with tab characters
· Many other bug fixes

What's New in 1.3:


· All new Physics API, check out the new "Physics Lab" example project and Physics documentation
· Text rendering. The new text(string,x,y) function allows you to render text anywhere on the screen. It supports all the fonts provided by iOS and its colour is affected by the current fill() color.
· Video capture! Record your projects straight from your device and share them on YouTube
· Screenshot capture right from the viewer
· Five amazing new example projects
· Audition and create your sound effects right inside the code editor. Just type sound() and tap it.
· Choose fonts from right inside your code. Type font() and tap on it to bring up the picker.
· Codea viewer now supports all orientations, you can use supportedOrientations() to limit them
· Great new keyboard API lets you bring up the native keyboard or respond to a bluetooth keyboard in your games and simulations
· Mesh API. The mesh type lets you manage and render arbitrary vertex arrays, you can control vertex positions, colors and texture coordinates. Really fast.
· Hugely improved autocomplete. It now picks up your class variables and class names.


· New clearParameters() function to clear the parameters and watch list
· New clearOutput() function to clear the print buffer
· Codea Forums linked right on the main page, as well as announcements
· Parameter sliders track when their variables change
· Images support a premultiplied flag
· Polygon triangulate(points) function
· spriteSize() function to get a sprite's pixel size
· Sound function now accepts a volume parameter


· Rendering speed hugely improved
· Improved and updated documentation, new overview sections give a more thorough explanation of Codea
· All style functions now return the current style values when called without arguments
· Runtime errors exit fullscreen mode
· Shifted editor keys for more natural placement
· Sound caching system improves performance
· Bit Invader project gets a make-over


· Fixed animation not resuming when app is brought into foreground
· Changed the way setup() gets called. You are now be able to do drawing in setup()
· Fixed bug when using setContext(image) in your setup function.
· Fixed noSmooth line opacity bug
· Shader adjustments and fixes
· Fixed bug where Codea would crash when over 22 parameters were specified

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