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UC Browser (Java)

UC Browser (Java)
Version: 9.4.1 updated

Platforms: Java

Categories: Internet & Communications

Upload date: 10 Jan 17

Developer: UC Mobile

License: Freeware

Downloads: 6762098

File Size: 458 Kb
Download Free UC Browser (Java) 

Rating: 2.7/5 (Total votes: 985)


UC Browser (formerly known as UCWEB) is a Web and WAP browser with fast speed and stable performance. It supports video player, website navigation, Internet search, download, personal data management and more functions.

What's New in This Release:

· Watching Youtube now is supported on more phone models.
· The problem of automatically logging-out from some websites has been solved.
· Smaller size for a faster startup speed.
· Touch-screen phone models can now preview uploaded pictures.
· Indian customer service hotline now is available.

What's New in 9.3.0:

· Now More Mini - Even smaller install package making browsing much smoother.
· Image Viewing Function - You can now view images on webpages one by one using a convenient interface.
· Increased Stability - Download list and reinitializing issues have been solved.

What's New in 9.2.0 / 9.2.0 beta:

· Smaller Size - The install package is now even smaller, making it much smoother to use.
· Night Mode Optimized - The function of Night Mode has been improved to take even better care of your eyes.
· Hot Words Search - Find all the latest search trends in the search bar.
· Password Saving - The saving of passwords on HTTPS webpages is now supported.

What's New in 9.1.0:

· Bitmap Font: Using the unique "Bitmap Font" you can now enjoy reading pages in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Hindi, even if your phone doesn't support these languages.
· Greater Languages Support: Bengali is now supported.
· eMule and FTP Downloading Support: You can now download files to UDisk via eMule and FTP by using Cloud Download.
· Bug Fixes: Browser will no longer be unexpectedly reset to default.

What's New in 9.0.0:

· Fast Video and Audio Playing: We have designed the Fast Video and Audio Playing feature to break through storage limitation and poor network connection. The new feature allows users to play video files that have been saved to UDisk directly, without having to download those big files to local phone storage. Enjoy the fluent videos watching on Java Phone.
· Account Information Saving: To make logging-in to your favourite webpages more convenient, we've added the ability for you to save usernames and passwords on several websites, such as Facebook and GMail.
· Improved User Interface: We've given our user interface a makeover, optimizing the design to provide an enhancement of user experience. The menus, night mode, operation in touch screen phones and more has been optimized.
· Bug Fixes: The stability of this version has been increased and there have been numerous bug fixes, such as a solution to the missing Speed Dial issue.

What's New in 8.9.0 / 9.0 beta 2:

· Added "bitmap font" feature and fixed many problems in the previous beta version.

What's New in 8.9.0:

· Incognito Browsing: For your convenience and privacy, when you activate Incognito Browsing your browsing history will not be recorded while it's active.
· Improved Search Bar: The search bar is now better than ever, with tabbed search engines and a drop-down menu offering your previously search terms as you type your query into the search box. This allows you to quickly switch between different search engines for different content, like between YouTube and IMDB, and get more relevant search suggestions.
· Select and Copy: The Select and Copy function has been enhanced, allowing you to see how many characters you are selecting in real time. This can help with sharing content where character limits are an issue, such as on Twitter and when sending an SMS.
· Optimized Text Input: Better support for inputting non-English text and for inputting text via Java phones with QWERTY and virtual keypads.

Fixed bugs:
· The "next" button gives no response when using "find in page" on touch phones.
· Can't save picture in some cases.
· Some websites cannot be opened (e.g.,
· User Interface problems in night mode.
· Download list disappears.

What's New in 8.8.1 / 8.9.0 beta:

· Incognito Browsing: Your browsing history will not be recorded when you turn on Incognito Browsing.
· Search Bar: An easier to use search bar, with an interface that is smarter and more user friendly.
· Select and Copy: You can see how many words you are selecting in real time.
· Text Box: Better supports non-English QWERTY keypads and virtual keypads.

Fixed bugs:
· The "next" button gives no response when using "find in page" on touch phones.
· Can't save picture in some cases.
· Some websites cannot be opened (e.g.,
· User Interface problems in night mode.

What's New in 8.8.0:

· Download speed for large files has been improved. For large files the speed increased 2 times than previous;
· Create customized shortcut keys for webpages and actions;
· Settings menu interface has been optimized;
· Added the ability to share on Twitter;
· Improved File Manager with the ability to preview images and create folders;

Fixed bugs:
· Can't choose input history on touch phone;
· Can't login UDisk on SonyEricsson phone;
· Downloading list of UDisk missing when restarting UC Browser;
· Only part of image can be shown on File Manager if the image is bigger than screen;
· Menu has no response when the image is not loaded completely;
· Can't save proxy server configuration.

What's New in

· Smart account manager: Users can switch between multiple accounts when signing in a website.
· Convenient to use Actions menu: Long press OK button to invoke Actions menu.
· Easy to save pages: User can save pages directly without changing the page name.

What's New in

· Quick Reads - the best RSS reader.
· Cloud Synchronization - by synchronizing your bookmarks through cloud synchronization, they will always be there, wherever you are, whenever you want.

What's New in

· Smoother - Although this version is larger than the last version, it runs much more smoothly with low memory and optimization.
· Convenient sharing - UC Browser is bringing the sharing function back! (Menu>Actions>Share>By Facebook). Share everything you want to at the first instant.
· Easy search - With the 'Find in page' function (Menu>Tools>Find in page) , you can locate keywords quickly and the search does not differentiate between capital or lower case letters.
· Shortcuts for QWERTY phones - Shortcuts are designed especially for QWERTY phones, allowing users to have a much more efficient experience when surfing the web.

What's New in

· Beautiful looks - Beauty is not the patent of iPhone or Android phones, Java phones could also make it. The classical black gives you a cool tech style.
· More efficient - Optimized the interface layout and menus, you can find the useful features easily.
· Magical action function - When you operate on Windows via PC, it's convenient to choose what you want in the right mouse button menu. The right mouse button in different places shows different popup menus. In the same philosophy, UC Browser knows what you want when you stop at a place and gives the most convenient options to choose.

What's New in

· Auto Notification between night mode and day mode.
· Bookmarks backup.
· More languages.
· More Pic formats are supported. The new WebP image is near 40% smaller than jpeg image of similar quality.
· Fixed access connection timeout error: Fixed timeout problem during webpage browsing.
· Fixed image loading failure: Fixed timeout error in loading image.
· Optimized Cache management: Cache will be adjusted automatically. You don't need to reset and clear Cache manually anymore.

What's New in 7.8:
· Faster Than Ever Before
· GUI Optimization
· New Social Element for Java & WM
· Thumbnail When you Upload Photos
· Traffic Check
· Search Box Optimization
· WLAN Automatic Switch

What's New in 7.7:

· "View Image" Mode: There are lots of images filled in the internet world, mainly aims to attract users' attention. However, the widely welcomed image content in PC is not such attractive in mobile handset. Due to the size & quality of the image and the network condition, to view the image in handset is not so easy and in good experienced compare to PC. Thanks to the UC Browser 7.8, all these problems solved, with the new function of "View Image" mode, users can get the similar experience in their handset as what they do in PC to view image easily.
· Compared to UC Browser 7.7, the speed for browsing increased again for about 30%.
· UC Browser for Java supports "remember current page" & "clear all browser history" operation, close tab with right bottom, open the "menu" operation while loading page, to make more smooth operation in low level handset.

What's New in 7.5:

· Better Page Display with full support of WAP2.0 standard.
· Enhanced Performance Up to 30% Increase.
· Cursor Mode as Default.
· My Shortcut – visit your favor sites by one click.
· New Start Page Design for better display and more sites.
· Improved Feedback to make your voice heard by UC Team.
· Country Select Page at first time start.
· Localized Start Page for different countries for Java platform.


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Supported operating systems: Java ME, Java Nokia 240x320, Java SE 240x320

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Comments on UC Browser (Java):

burhan panwala:
iwant fast internet browsers

Date: 2 Aug 11


Date: 20 Oct 11

hi evry bady

Date: 27 Oct 11


Date: 28 Oct 11


Date: 6 Nov 11


Date: 24 Nov 11

suraj pathariya:
i like it

Date: 18 Jan 12
helo, this sit don,t sapport me never, only hack my time. thanks.

Date: 22 Jan 12

Ramiz bhulecha:
Pls open

Date: 26 Jan 12

like uc brower

Date: 29 Jan 12

samsamg gallery y

Date: 30 Jan 12

i want to use some fast internet connection

Date: 2 Feb 12

very nise brower

Date: 14 Feb 12


Date: 15 Feb 12

Diponkor Biswas:
Oh the UC browser is mostly great.

Date: 18 Feb 12

I wt to download uc browser

Date: 2 Mar 12

i want to download uc browser because it is a very fast and easy to use

Date: 7 Mar 12

Uc brow

Date: 3 Apr 12

this is new to me

Date: 7 Apr 12

can i download uc browser(java) for my samsung corby 2?how?

Date: 24 Apr 12


Date: 7 Jun 12

uc browser is fast

Date: 18 Jun 12

uc browser is fast

Date: 21 Jul 12

sandip pattekari:
Thanx ...

Date: 6 Aug 12

fast and bast

Date: 24 Aug 12


Date: 10 Sep 12

guys i cant download it via my phone..coz im havng bad connection lately...can i install it via pc to cp???someone can help me???

Date: 17 Sep 12


Date: 22 Sep 12

ahmed darwish:
i need this program

Date: 7 Oct 12


Date: 17 Oct 12

good soft

Date: 21 Oct 12


Date: 25 Oct 12

Its good...

Date: 23 Nov 12

how are you

Date: 25 Nov 12

uc browser is not working in samsung c3530

Date: 26 Nov 12

i want to experience this.. i looks beautiful

Date: 4 Dec 12

sunil kumar:
thank you.....................@

Date: 27 Dec 12


Date: 31 Dec 12

can we use this browser in corby 2?

Date: 5 Feb 13

jen jose:
i want to download uc browser for my samsung s3353 because it is the fastest browsers

Date: 10 Feb 13


Date: 4 Mar 13

samsung GT E 2152i does not support up to 200kb files.. plz do something for this.........

Date: 7 Mar 13

Rohit samrat:
What's febullas browser

Date: 18 Mar 13


Date: 25 Mar 13

ebrahem saleh:
asha 306

Date: 13 May 13

i want to download uc browser for my samsung E2652 because it is the fastest browsers
samsung GT E 2652 plz tell me whcih version can support plz do something for this.........

Date: 22 May 13

medo hamed:
thx mr]

Date: 27 Jul 13


Date: 7 Aug 13

very good

Date: 10 Aug 13

i want uc browser i like it

Date: 14 Aug 13

javad zohrabi:
Thanks gooooooood

Date: 24 Oct 13

Shahnawaz khan:

Date: 6 Nov 13

sinu jacob luke:

Date: 11 Dec 13

sinu jacob luke:

Date: 11 Dec 13


Date: 13 Dec 13

Haziq Adeel:
Download Fast Uc Browser

Date: 20 Dec 13


Date: 9 Mar 14

hi how are you

Date: 19 May 14


Date: 27 Jun 14

Downloud ucbrowser,S5560

Date: 21 Sep 14

amit singh:

Date: 5 Mar 15
Ucweb browser8/mydownlouded&my'udiskuc'

Date: 10 Mar 15

Anubhav jain:
Chote phno ka kam khatm kr diya micro soft ne

Date: 18 Mar 15


Date: 25 Mar 15

Give this supporting plz

Date: 17 Apr 15


Date: 2 May 15

very fast browzer

Date: 24 Jun 15

Date: 26 Jun 15

Kagiso mackenzie:
I lyk it

Date: 13 Aug 15

amit kumar:
i want this brouser

Date: 25 Aug 15
I like it

Date: 7 Sep 15

hlo may i ask u something? wat uc browser can match my phone samsung gt-c3222 thank u...

Date: 23 Sep 15


Date: 18 Feb 16

i want uc browzer

Date: 11 Mar 16

sopian hadi:

Date: 19 May 17

Good application

Date: 13 Jun 17

The reviews are too old but still the app make sense. Btw its working with my nokia c3-00 I can log in to facebook. But Cant watch videos in youtube.

Date: 1 Dec 20

Rana waqas:
good apps

Date: 16 Jun 21

Nice app but how can i download it

Date: 23 Aug 21



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